Our Customers

Some of our local and international prestigious customers

- Agriculture Development Company (ADC)
- Al Baraka Poultry Farm
- Al Malhan Poultry Farm
- Al Mamlaka Poultry Farm
- Al Marai Company Ltd
- Al Waziya Poultry Farms
- Al Yousuf Farm
- ASTRA Food Company Ltd
- Big Bird Poultry Breeder (Pvt) Ltd

- Fakieh Poultry Farms
- Malbro Livestock and Poultry Farms
- Manabil Harmain Poultry Project
- Modern Poultry Farm
- Mohammed Ghamdi Al Jaman Poultry Farm
- Raheema Poultry Farm
- Saeedco Poultry Farm
- Saleh Al Sehati Poultry & Agriculture Farm