The art of moving


Inspired by the fluidity and force of movement, and the structures of modern architecture, MVTM products are engineered with unique zonal performance, enabling functionality and comfort. Minimizing the complexity of modern lifestyles, bringing freedom of choice, MVTM adapts for you as you adapt to your environment.



As our lives become increasingly challenging and busy, we look for clothes that minimize complexity, helping us look and feel confident, while offering performance, versatility and adaptability.

Engineered with unique zonal performance, MVTM products are made to move with you, and for you, adapting to your modern lifestyle, embracing new trends, and enabling functionality and comfort exactly where you need it.


MVTM offers a modular lifestyle solution, with light and lofty constructions that are fused with form enhancing stretch technology to hold shape whilst delivering an unlimited comfort experience.

MVTM offers a seamless transition through every occasion and environment, fitting you and your lifestyle.

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Want to know more about the inspiration behind the zonally mapped, knit textures that are characteristic of your favourite MVTM products? Or about the street sport that inspired the MVTM tag line? The people behind the brand share all this and more about MVTM.



We are out to innovate and disrupt how clothes are traditionally made, so that we can offer our customers products that can last longer, be good for the wearer, and be recycled after use.

Through engineered knit, we bring ‘knit to shape’ capability into our styles, where yarn is directly knitted into a specific garment, significantly reducing the waste generated in a traditional cut and sew process.

One third of styles in the MVTM launch collection is knitted to shape, which reduces the waste created at manufacture.

Over 75% of the MVTM collection also includes raw materials sourced from sustainable sources such as BCI certified, organic, recycled or biobased fabrics.

Through these efforts, we are committed to offering our customers more and more sustainable product alternatives.


At Matrix, we are on a mission to elevate our game by pushing the boundaries of meticulous craftsmanship through our flat knit offerings, empowered by designed autonomy, engineered excellence and sustainable innovation.

Matrix excels in product creation across Performance, Athleisure, Intimate apparel, and the Medical and Wearable tech space, collaborating with world class brands at the intersection of fashion and functionality.



MAS is a global apparel-tech conglomerate, setting the industry benchmark for sustainable and ethical manufacturing. In our relentless pursuit of innovation, we collaborate with the world’s leading brands and nurture partnerships that have changed the course of the apparel industry.

With technology at our forefront, sustainability remains at the core of everything we do, making us one organisation that is revolutionising an entire industry.